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President, Healthcare Technology

We were referred to Blue Ocean Hire by several of our associates and partners in the industry. I heard and saw the name at key industry conferences, but we never had a formal meeting or conversation…just name recognition. After our executive leadership met with them, we were completely taken by surprise based on the fact they knew everyone we knew and even more so hired most of the people or types of people that we wanted to hire for our company. Based on the unique level of engagement with them, and the scale of the project we placed a high level of faith and expectations on their team to deliver as we had key deadlines in place for our company during a 3-month timetable. The overall result was truly unique since they completed the entire project well under the deadline while keeping our board and team updated, engaged and empowered to understand where things were at all times…..which kept us pleased and at ease. The talent delivered has been a key factor for our growth and the ROI has been exceptional.

President, Healthcare Technology Company

We have been working with Blue Ocean Hire for the past few years as a trusted partner and extension of our team. I reach out to them for all of our business needs from Leadership, Clinical, Operations and so on because they know our company, culture and most importantly who our client groups are and will be one day. Since they are so integrated in the industry, we find that our ROI increases while our ‘need’ to explain what we are looking for or what we are creating, reduces. They provide us compensation demographics, job descriptions and what a time to fill will look like for our roles. They also help our company grow by introducing us or referring us to key partnerships (which helps with our pipeline and branding). I’ve never had a partner understand us or our business so thoroughly whereas they are an integrated part of our organization.

Chief Medical Officer – Loyola Medicine

Eric & Team were extremely helpful in recruiting very well qualified healthcare executive leaders for key roles within our organization both clinical and non-clinical in nature.

They were readily available, responsive and wonderful to work with based on their guidance, direction and overall consultative approach which helped us truly ‘thread the needle”.

Director of People & Culture – Healthcare & More

Our company was going through a significant transformation while also creating / adding an entirely new line of business to our existing portfolio. This line of business was not something that we had in the past therefore the talent, strategy and what we needed was uncertain during a critical time. We turned to Blue Ocean hire based on a few referrals and partnered with them to help us hire several essential roles within our organization that were mission essential. Not only did they find us the caliber of candidates we were looking for, they provided us with weekly snapshots / updates to keep us informed from a reporting perspective as well as recommendations on these roles which we ultimately adopted and use to this day. They did exactly what they said they would do during the first call and thoroughly exceeded our expectations.

President & CEO – Pharmacy & Healthcare Technology

Our Board & Leadership partnered with Blue Ocean Hire to assist us with a Healthcare / Pharmacy Officer role based on our expansion and footprint within the industry. We found that their knowledge of the market along with trends and changes would give us a head-start and insiders perspective on who may be out there and become as passionate about our company and product offerings as we are – aligned with our vision. They created a program for us that we had not experienced in the past and found this solution to be extremely beneficial as it was so aligned with our ‘speed and need’. Aside from this specific search, we meet with them in regard to branding, hiring strategies and other related information that has assisted us with the overall interview process and creating a positive interaction for key hiring initiatives.

CEO – Pharmacy Benefit Manager

We engaged Eric and Blue Ocean Hire to conduct a newly created Head of Sales search for our fast-moving Health-Tech start-up. Eric was able to build momentum immediately through his thoughtfulness, character, and experience. It was impressive and led to effectively building the foundation to close the ideal candidate. They are truly one of a kind, and we will engage them in the future for additional hires.” During our early meetings and as we were narrowing down a pool of Executive Search Firms to select, they gave us a deadline and aggressive timeframe on when we could expect this hire – provided we followed their process and schedule. Even after selecting them as our partner (and that was not why we chose them), we still did not think the date was possible based on the caliber and dynamics of the search – inclusive of travel and interviewing. Well, they did it and that was a first for us.

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