President, Healthcare Technology

We were referred to Blue Ocean Hire by several of our associates and partners in the industry. I heard and saw the name at key industry conferences, but we never had a formal meeting or conversation…just name recognition. After our executive leadership met with them, we were completely taken by surprise based on the fact they knew everyone we knew and even more so hired most of the people or types of people that we wanted to hire for our company. Based on the unique level of engagement with them, and the scale of the project we placed a high level of faith and expectations on their team to deliver as we had key deadlines in place for our company during a 3-month timetable. The overall result was truly unique since they completed the entire project well under the deadline while keeping our board and team updated, engaged and empowered to understand where things were at all times…..which kept us pleased and at ease. The talent delivered has been a key factor for our growth and the ROI has been exceptional.