Hiring for 2021 Starts Today

As 2020 comes to a close, hiring slows and your FTE forecast for next year grows (no rhyme was intended here). We enter the “Holiday Season” with the intent of ending the year whereas most organizations concentrate on the following:

Year-End Close
Budgeting – P&L
Marketing & Growth Strategies
Hiring Initiatives and Corporate Planning

Traditionally, this is a time to celebrate the successes or milestones achieved throughout the year – this year in particular. These are times for companies to show appreciation to their teams and individuals that helped contribute to a department, business line or company’s overall success.

Additionally, these months are highly opportunistic for executives to take advantage of the success achieved and use that leverage to start hiring for 2021 NOW! As the year winds down and the next comes into focus, both employers & employees have started making those important decisions – “should I stay or should I go”?

PSST, Attention Employers & Executives – December is the best time to start interviewing for your most difficult or important hiring initiatives of 2021. Today’s market landscape is ultra-competitive and as corporations begin to ‘jockey’ for a position, start your dialogue and meetings with desired candidates right now. Why now do you ask? The talent you will be looking for in Q1 of 2021 will shortly be receiving bonuses earned for 2020, using a large portion of their PTO or Vacation days, receiving any 401K match, and most importantly – they already know where they want to be next year.

According to LinkedIn– “January is termed moving month and most research shows the average time to hire ranges from 35 – 55 days. That means the more prepared you are going into January the better chance you have at taking advantage of that extremely active talent pool that you need as part of your team, next year.” January is called moving month since more people are changing their careers at that time of year

It is becoming increasingly difficult to hire Key Talent next year and the best time to start, is right now – when you have the time and ‘both of you are looking’.

Leverage our firm’s 15 years of direct industry experience within; Healthcare-Technology, TeleHealth Solutions, PBM, Managed Care & More to bridge the gap between hiring and onboarding during the next 45 days.

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