What Start-up’s “Want” in their new hires

Over the past 12 months, Blue Ocean Hire has supported numerous Healthcare Start-Up’s by hiring key members of their workforce from leadership teams through sales, client services, product and clinical.  We find that in this ever changing and evolving landscape, these are the attributes (and “off” the resume skills) that companies are searching for in their employees.

Growth Oriented

Executives look for a key attribute in 2021, which is this mindset.  Leaders are more enthusiastic to hire someone who wants to learn and find a professional who may be more flexible in their learning capabilities. Things are constantly changing, evolving and pivoting therefore the way we work needs to reflect those changes

Survival Skills

Organizations (especially start-up types) are looking for this rare breed of professional.  They are searching for the ability to adapt, attack or thrive in any type of market where this mentality is preferred.  The ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach is required, not preferred where those candidates who have ‘earned their stripes’ can help with the company’s growth.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically will be crucial as the world evolves and transitions nearer a ‘post COVID World’.  Businesses will continue to face challenges that will require teams to be innovative in their problem-solving and communicating frequently.

Loyalty (or) Dedication

Dedication is the key to joining an organization and team, provided you are onboard and buy into the product, company or culture.  Based on the ever changing tides in the market and Ebb / Flow, Executives and Leaders are truly looking to onboard Professionals who are looking for a home or opportunity to build (or) build upon the infrastructure of greatness.  Where some business are in search of a person, there are many who are in search of their hire they see as promotable.


As industries change and client groups additionally begin to adapt to the new normal, organizations look to hire employees who are empathetic and can ‘put themselves in others shoes’.  These types of professionals are able to mentor, manage and effect the changes in their teams, staff or external stakeholders on a daily basis.

Success in Virtuality

Employers that have the aptitude to identify and hire talent with the unique ability to thrive in the new normal and virtual workspace will be one of the most daunting (yet critical) hiring strategies in the new year.  Sales & BD Executives will need to communicate, articulate and demonstrate how to stay visible to their target client groups or business lines in a highly virtual world (which we pray begins to return back to normal in the next several months).  The ability to learn new skills, leverage technology tools and build new relationships will be the new currently.

If your organization is looking for experience and these ‘critical skills’ in your new hiring initiatives, please reach out to us for an appointment : (web) www.blueoceanhire.com or 561-300-0095

With Gratitude, Blue Ocean Hire