About Sanford Rose Associates

About Sanford Rose Associates

A Top 10 Executive Search Firm by Hunt Scanlon

Sanford Rose Associates is comprised of an elite network of independently-owned executive search firms that provide personal service and undivided attention to our clients and candidates. Our affiliations with Kaye/Bassman International, Next Level Exchange and Next Level Marketing Communications provide our clients a unique foundation that does not exist anywhere else in the search industry today.



Sanford Rose Associates Office Owners have on average over 20+ years of experience in the markets we serve, allowing for a precise understanding of what clients need. This level of specialization allows us to be true consultants who can offer our clients insights not available from any other source. Due to this finely niched experience, we have longstanding relationships with candidates and can not only identify the right prospects quickly, but also have a deep understanding of cultural nuances, comparative structures, critical skill sets and compensation and benefits intelligence. In most cases, it takes years to earn the right to build relationships with the top tier of talent that exists – and Sanford Rose Associates offices (since 1959) have spent decades earning the right to be trusted advisors to that top tier.
Sanford Rose Associates owners and search consultants are regularly called upon to provide subject matter expertise to the industry, and are recognized as experts by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, Business Week, USA Today, Fox News, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN and other local and niche publications. As an affiliate of Sanford Rose Associates, Next Level Exchange is recognized as the #1 Leading Training Organization for the search industry, having trained over one thousand recruiting firm organizations in over thirty countries around the world. We are not only living the best practices of the search profession, we are teaching and sharing them with the entirety of the executive search industry.

Array of Services

Global Reach

Due to the expanse of the Sanford Rose Associates network, we are able to provide our clients with a suite of services far beyond those of most executive search organizations. Agreements are customized based on the specific needs of the client and can range from a single position, a large-scale growth initiative, or interim services. Clients benefit from resources including behavioral profiling, video interviewing, social media strategies, e-cruiting capabilities, and competitive analysis. Sanford Rose Associates has the capability to conduct internal training seminars for our clients, with subjects spanning from corporate recruiting best practices to effective onboarding and retention strategies.
Sanford Rose Associates offers a unique combination of local knowledge and international reach. We provide our clients with a 360-degree human capital consulting solution incorporating the market expertise and the international and multicultural values of our partners into a unified process to deliver you success.


Proven Track Record

At Sanford Rose Associates, our mission is to not only assist our clients in securing the top talent that exists, but to also retain that talent for the long term. The parent company of Sanford Rose Associates has been named the “#1 Best Company to Work For” on four separate occasions, and provides consulting services for clients desirous of creating a culture of retention and performance. Who better to help organizations secure and retain the best and brightest than an organization that has received awards for doing this themselves?
Sanford Rose Associates and its parent company are ranked as the 10th Largest U.S. Search Firm by Executive Search Review; demonstrating our ability to deliver the caliber of talent that our clients both require and deserve. For over 60 years, Sanford Rose Associates has maintained an exclusive network of offices that remain unparalleled in terms of professionalism, performance and service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

About Sanford Rose Associates


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Blue Ocean Hire has over 15 years of experience recruiting at all levels in our core disciplines. Collectively, our entire team brings decades of experience to the table, each with a track record of helping clients weather the rapid pace of change and thrive in their markets.

Every search is conducted by industry insiders who understand the unique pressures, regulatory landscapes, skill gaps and technological advancements that are impacting the way companies do business every day.

This expertise and experience allows us to find the right fit for every role, matching candidates who possess not just the skills to succeed, but who are also aligned with corporate culture, mission, vision and organizational goals.

Core Disciplines


Healthcare technology has exploded over the last several years. The emergence of numerous cutting-edge products has created high demand for unique and forward-thinking professionals who are aligned with organizational culture.

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Strategically navigating within this diverse global village, our Healthcare Technology Practice is a team of highly skilled and experience-savvy recruitment consultants. Our proprietary knowledge base has enabled private and public companies of all sizes to expand services by adding value in key roles within their team, which in turn allows the desired growth and advancement aligned with organizational goals.

The PBM & pharmacy industry is one of the most unique and complex verticals within the healthcare market. Over the past decade, there has been significant and rapid change within the industry thanks to technological advancements, M&A and growth.

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Our decades of experience allow us to deliver insights and capabilities that add operational value for successful and growing organizations. BOH leverages our knowledge, expertise, networks and trends to hire professionals who will facilitate organizational growth.

PBM & Pharmacy
Payor & Insurance

BOH leverages our 20 years of experience working within all lines of business affiliated within the managed care and insurance industries including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans; consultants and brokers, self-funded employer groups and third-party administrators.

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We deliver a unique understanding of these business lines including value propositions, mission, strategy and overall opportunities to advance organizations.

Over the last decade, hospital systems and integrated delivery networks have evolved as the primary means for containing and controlling healthcare costs while managing outcomes and quality of care.

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Blue Ocean Hire works with provider groups, ambulatory care, clinics and other facilities to help improve population health while simultaneously creating new clinical and financial product lines.

Health System
Life Science

Blue Ocean Hire supports the ever-evolving life sciences market including firms in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental, biomedical devices, as well as companies that devote resources to R&D, technology transfer and commercialization.

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Our search executives are successful industry professionals who have built their careers in these areas and bring a deep breadth of knowledge and clinical understanding of how organizations function, thrive and impact patient populations on a global scale.

Blue Ocean Hire provides boutique and customized consulting services for organizations within the Healthcare Industry. We offer advice and expertise to start-ups and growth-oriented companies to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, strategy, management and industry trends.

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Our engagement can be short-term or long-term based on company needs and goals. We assist our partners by conducting research, surveys and meetings to gain an understanding of the business, detecting issues and investigating ways to resolve them, making recommendations for improvement and implementing agreed solutions.


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